August 4, 2016

Adventures of a Contract Developer 16:00 Adventures of a Contract Developer Richmond Room

Adventures of a Contract Developer

Thinking about quitting that desk job and enjoying the freedom of contract development? Already have?

A contract developer for 10 years, I’ll share my philosophy on contracting, some tips on how be successful, and a look at some of the clients you’ll run into.

While my style of contracting may not work for you, this talk will at least challenge you to consider not just how you’re marketing your product, but what your product really is, how you charge for it, and what that means long term.

Already a contract developer? I’ll give some tips on avoiding the painful parts of the job, setting and negotiating your rate, and one simple way to get great clients and keep them happy.

Considering contracting? Meet some of the clients you’ll certainly come across, a few warning signs and things to watch out for, and what needs to happen in each case before you can have a successful relationship.

Session Category :  Regular Talk Session